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Upcoming Events

MONDAY, JUNE 22 - Creating Member Experiences during CV-19 Recovery

Creating Member Experiences during CV-19 Recovery – this powerful presentation that will help you engage your members as we recover, rethink and retool from the pandemic.

Special Guest Shari Pash of Strategic Solutions and Growth

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MONDAY, JUNE 29 - SOCA ChamberLife Event

ChamberLife enables your chamber to focus on growth, retention, and enhancing member experience by automating daily tasks. Experience this amazing online productivity tool for Chambers of Commerce.

Special Guests Josh Torres and Isaac Lee of CCEO and ChamberLife

Save your SEAT!!!

MONDAY, JULY 13 – SOCA Prescription Savings Card Event

Save you and your members money and BONUS earn non dues revenue for your chamber with the SOCA Prescription Savings Card. RxCut will create a URL specific for your chamber allowing your members to download the card and giving them access to the online tool to find the closet pharmacy with most cost savings for their prescriptions.

Special Guest Al Branca with RxCut

YES! I’ll be there!

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 21 – RCP Quarterly Power Lunch

Time: 11am-1pm
Location: Manor House Restaurant at Maple Knoll